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The Corpse Bridesmaid
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Howdy all, I'm Christina. I work as a registered nurse, but my dream is to become a published author. In the meantime, I write fanfiction in various genres. My latest fandoms of choice are The Daily Show/Colbert Report and Strangers With Candy. I just found out that Stephen and I are deaf in the same ear--isn't that so not interesting?! I'm also just now discovering the beauty of Paul Dinello's hair.

I'm a history geek from way back and I'm particularly drawn to the Medieval period, c. 1100-1400. I volunteer as a reenactor at Camlann Medieval Village in Carnation, WA, where I spin wool and sew. As soon as I do the massive amount of research involved, I'll be the village leech (healer). I live in Western Washington with my three pet rats, Little Boy, Geoffrey, and Chuck.